Here are some quick and random facts about me: 32 from Los Santos. Tattoo enthusiast, outdoor activities lover, Pescatarian (I eat fish and animal products as well), Masters in Business Administration MBA. You can usually find me doing modelling, art related stuff for Prestige, hitting the gym, or catching up with friends over cocktails. I'm incredibly judgmental…when it comes to cuisine and fashion. Otherwise, I’m pretty easy-going. When I’m not doing Prestige related stuff, you can often find me visiting the kind of far flung destination that requires a passport. Remote locations like Canaries or Taiwan have always spoken to me. But usually it’s in Spanish or Mandarin…so I can’t understand a word they’re saying.
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  • CEO at Prestige
  • Studied Bachelor of Business Administration BBA / Masters in Business Administration MBA Major Finance, minor in Marketing at NYC Campus (New York City)
  • Lives in Los Santos
  • From Rockford Hills
  • Female
  • 27/08/1988
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