Looking for work! Willing to travel around San Andreas, but preferably in Los Santos! I'm a History and Politics student at the moment, so preferably part-time!

Folks, the largest nightclub in LS, Fusion Nightclub, renaming to "Fusion City Nightclub" is looking for active, talented, and experienced Bartenders and Barmaids.

If you are interested, our grand reopening is taking place on Sunday, and if you are interested in employment, please contact myself, James Carl, or Sam Rivera on Facebrowser, or text my mobile number at 403-4190 or DM them for their numbers.

Thank you, and hope to see you soon!

Just came back from Deployment, former MSGT of The Rangers with massive amounts of experience in Nightclub/bar management, former taxi driver & owner, former general manager/lead mechanic of Auto Exotic, former security guard, former bouncer, and former trucker.

Please DM or call/sms 4034109 to talk. Have a good day folks.

Currently looking for a job. Hit me up with any offer


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