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We're hiring! Passion for producing culinary masterpieces? Enjoy working in a fast paced environment where you interact with different people every day? Then we're the perfect job for you!

We're looking for chefs and counter workers for regular shifts. We offer a modest wage with great staff benefits!

Inbox me for details, or text/call 4929783 and ask for Dom.

Hiring a #bartender for the re-opening of the Route 76 Rock Bar down at the beach in #Vespucci after a change in management.
Your job would obviously consist of serving, preparing and selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, keeping an eye on the stock and take notes of how much of what was sold.
You should visually fit into a Rock Bar. It would be lovely if you could speak Russian, but that is no requirement.

Former prisoner, in search of a legitimate job. You may think “hey, why should I give her a job?”
Well think of it like this. Some punk starts making a ruckus, and slaps your boyfriends ass. You don’t know what to do. Suddenly, a jacked up girl comes over and knocks that punk to the floor. Hit me up 🤙

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