Someone sliding into your DM's making you uncomfortable? Someone standing a little too close or staring in a way the gives you the creeps. Other people in Los Santos want to know about it. We need to know who to avoid. This is your platform to finally vent your frustrations. Join this group for a safe place to talk about the shit people have to put up with.

I'm a closet feminst. Sorry guys. I'll have to cut your fashionable donger off for sending unsolicited dickpics.

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from the infamous marcus brown


Steph Tasković I report her she playing hard to get, bitch been turning me down for 6 months

Jake Briggs this guy has harassed me in person to the point where I felt unsafe and also on social media. Enough is enough.


If anyone knows someone named DEVLAND he sent me this DISGUSTING text message yesterday: "Nawwwww, dont tell me you havnt dreamt of gagging on a cock before ". I did NOT consent to ANY of this and I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable with this!


People, share those screens. Who has been sexually harassing in your DM's. Your friends and neighbours should know who to look out for.