Facebrowser 3.4 — 20/Aug/2022 (Dama & Biscuit)

  • Added: Report button now is in brackets "(( Report post ))"
  • Added: Moderations now have a tag on their profile so players know who they can contact
  • Added: Moderators can now enable and disable notifications (reported content specific) on their account
  • Added: Moderators can now enable ,,spy-mode'' giving them the option to visit profiles without notifying the user
  • Added: Moderators can now mark posts as NSFW, blurring the post out on the feed and adding a disclaimer
  • Added: Moderators can search users via their GTAW UCP ID
  • Added: Moderators can see people's GTAW UCP ID on the Moderator Edit Page
  • Added: Unread message indicator when tabbed out of Facebrowser
  • Added: Users can now block people without visiting their profiles - can be found in settings and then seen under "Blocking"
  • Added: Users can now post Gifs when publishing a status
  • Added: Page owners/super-admins are now able to transfer pages
  • Updated: Head Moderator and Developer Permissions, both having limited access to some features that normal moderators cannot access
  • Updated: Client-side performance adjustments when scrolling down the main feed
  • Updated: Other page admins can boost pages as well
  • Fixed: Chat pings have been fixed so that you no longer get pinged if you send a message, you'll now only get pinged when you receive a message
  • Fixed: A bug where page transfer didn't work on the ModCP (Moderation Control Panel)

Stay tuned for more updates coming on the way!