Facebrowser's Rules and Regulations

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Facebrowser is an IC platform for players to access in order to enhance their character development and progress in their roleplay.


  • If a player has yet to be accepted onto the server and/or a character does not exist, their account shall be suspended until the point of acceptance to the server or creation of the character. THE CHARACTERS MUST CURRENTLY EXIST AND MUST NOT HAVE BEEN DELETED TO HAVE A FACEBROWSER ACCOUNT.


  • Your character is not to utilise Menyoo by means of gaining assets, money, items that you do not own IC, properties, vehicles, weapons etc. The misuse of Menyoo will result in an administrative punishment because it falls under Powergaming (Rule 2).
    • Examples include: posing with assets or luxury beyond their means and claiming it to be their own. Posing with copious amounts of drugs, weapons and other paraphernalia that said character does not own nor be in the possession of.


  • You are NOT to mention Facebrowser Moderation at all and this can vary in forms of memes, status updates, or IC. Facebrowser Moderation remains an OOC entity to monitor and enforce the rules set in place for Facebrowser. 
    • Should you repeatedly mention Facebrower Moderation in forms of slander, use of derogatory words and have been previously warned for such actions, you will face administrative punishment and have an imposed Facebrowser ban.
    • Note: We are aware that moderators hold a badge on their profile, it is in place to allow players to find, reach out and talk to them/contact them should they run into any issues on the platform. Please remember rule 1 (Common Courtesy).


  • You are NOT to post IRL (in real life) photographs of yourself, another person, another player, or in general - they WILL be deleted. 
    • This does not include Memes that have been taken from other browsing sites that feature IRL (in real life) content as long as they are not focused on members of the community (i.e pictures of yourself or other players that have been adopted into a meme format)
    • Some cases of this may be considered doxxing and can lead to a severe serverwide punishment.


  • Rule 19 and Rule 9 still applies to Facebrowser, if found out that you are breaching this rule a permanent ban will be put in place for those breaking said rule. Familiarise yourself here.
    • Additionally, you are not to post gore, any form of torture, inciting sexual violence, sexual content, photos that are explicit on the website WILL be deleted.
    • Sexualised memes are allowed on Facebrowser, as long as they do not pertain up-front nudity. 
    • Sexual content and implied nudity for example, 'lewd pictures', featuring bikinis, short shorts, and crop-tops and other revealing outfits are permitted as long as there is no point blank nudity. 
    • It is discretional to the admin reviewing the content whether or not it breaches any of these rules and you shall be contacted with further explanation when requested. And with the new feature of NSFW being added, this may be applied to your post - if no explanation was provided, please reach out to one of the moderators.


  • All content that is being posted onto Facebrowser is to remain IC and thus is subject to consequences on an IC front i.e posting racist ideologies/imagery, or starting feuds on Facebrowser without the expectation of repercussions IC. If the content is breaching any OOC rules or/is motivated by OOC means, this will have admin intervention.
    • The mention of Menyoo mistakes, edits, and so forth are not permitted. 
    • The mention of PS (Photoshop) on an IC context IS permitted i.e ballooning and bending of images/backgrounds/objects/people in excess and is intended as an IC joke. Else, if utilised in the wrong way and is done in excess to bully another individual, it will be removed.
    • The mention of Faceapp is not permitted unless done in excess or with intentions for it an IC joke i.e leaving in trademarks from 3rd party software/websites.
    • Characters trespassing onto a property that they do not own, the owner of said property may seek IC action/retaliation i.e legal pursuit for trespassing.


  • Abusive or offensive remarks against another user is not allowed on an OOC level, however, IS permitted on an IC level. The below explains the OOC regulations. Refer to rule 1 (Common Courtesy).
    • Examples include: attacking other players, or characters based on OOC motivations, i.e OOC beliefs/sexuality/political beliefs etc. 
    • Additionally, the bashing of another individual on GTAW platforms (GTAW Forums, discords, factions, faction-discords, faction-chats, in-game PMs etc) in regards to Facebrowser is not permitted. Refer to the main rules.


  • Impersonating another user, group, page or organization via any means can be approved, however, if found OOCly motivated it is not allowed and should be reported immediately.

    • If someone wishes to pursue this Icly they must contact the respective subteams i.e IFM/LFM & FB Moderation for approval, if, however, it is purely OOC then it is not permitted.


  • OOC Targeting masquerading as IC drama or IC targeting of another character is NOT permitted on Facebrowser, anyone who is found to be targeting a character/organization based on OOC motivations against the player and/or players, will be permanently removed from Facebrowser and depending on the severity can lead to a severwide punishment.


  • Characters in prison are NOT permitted to post on their account as if the character would have access to Facebrowser, unless, said character has roleplayly smuggled in a phone and has access to a phone item. 
    • Nokias are not allowed.


  • If your character has been CK'd you are not allowed to post as them and or a family member in terms of a memorial. If you wish to turn your account into a memorial, contact Facebrowser Moderation to be granted permission.


  • Utilising IC Brands and calling it your own is NOT permitted, however, in order to gain access to brands please go through the appropriate steps to legitmise said brand i.e speaking with IFM/LFM and further submitting the respective request via Property Management.

  • Electronic Surveillance Warrants are permitted via the courts - those with an approved warrant on an account will not be granted access to the players account and can only retrieve the necessary information via Nervous or Selena. Data and privacy is paramount.

  • For any concerns about a post you are able to submit a report on the platform which will notify all Moderators there is an outstanding/pending report. Note that these reports do not come with a description as to why it was reported. Make it very clear when reporting a post, comment or account why it is being reported, else, contact a Moderator via the forums, on the platform or via discord to elaborate on the grounds of which it was reported.


Cross Server Rules

  • Los Santos Characters and Liberty City Characters are not to escalate feuds between cities further causing conflict. 
    • Arguing on the platform is permitted, however, taking past a point of no return i.e LC character creates LS character to physically-fight with LS character and vice versa.
    • Additionally, LS character creates LC character to "kill" LC character.


  • Los Santos Characters and Liberty City Characters are not to instigate fights between factions and vice versa what is meant by this is causing factions between cities to feud with one another or to feud amongst their current city. 
    • Examples of such entail: Faction on LS causing issues between two separate factions on LC resulting in CKs/Wars etc.



Facebrowser secures every user's data and ensures their privacy is maintained. As aforementioned, sharing private information to another user is the user's discretion, however, posting confidential and/or leaking their private information without consent is not tolerated.

This includes sharing people's home addresses, posting intimate photos of someone, posting general photos of someone, and hacking information. All of which should be reported to the Facebrowser moderation team immediately.


If users are found violating the rules listed above they will face repercussions; removal or limiting their content. You are able to appeal your ban by getting in contact with a member of the Facebrowser moderation team, however, if you re-offend and violate the rules it will result in permanent removal from the website and potentially in-game too.


Facebrowser Moderation

If you have a problem with the actions of a moderator that you feel are unjust or unfair, similar to how reports are handled. You may
report them via Staff Report to Selena/Frezemis. The best form of contacting Facebrowser Moderation, as individuals, would be via the Forums. However, under exceptional circumstances such as Doxxing, harassment, things that require immediate action/attention contact Selena (Selena#7855) or Nervous (Nervous#4242) via Discord. 


* Note - if something is found to not require immediate attention/action, you will be referred to the forums.

* Note - any queries about the rules please contact Selena on the forums.


@Nervous - Owner

@Frezemis - Management

@Selena - Management & Head of Facebrowser Moderation

@Everett - Lead Web Developer

@Centauri - Senior Web Developer

@Dama - Developer for Facebrowser/Moderator

@Biscuit - Developer for Facebrowser/Moderator

@Lomadias - Moderator

@Fenris - Moderator

@Zani - Moderator

@St3fan[NL] - Moderator

@Exodus - Moderator